tanks3All ABT tanks and standard brewhouses are built according to our own engineering designs and North American quality control standards at our own factory in Harbin, China – which builds only for us. We employ own full-time quality control inspector, who is our employee, at the factory, to keep an eye on things. Additionally, my partner Jim Krejcie, who is our chief engineer, visits the factory every six weeks or so to conduct his own inspections. Basically, we are providing American tanks that happen to be built in China, rather than “Chinese” tanks. We also, in addition to the standard one year limited parts and labor warranty, also provide, in writing, a 60-day after delivery “If you don’t love your tanks, we’ll buy them back, no questions asked” guarantee – the only such guarantee in our industry.

Our automated brewhouses are built at our second factory in Cambridge, ON in Canada, which also supplies all of our brewhouse control panels. Our boilers come from Pottsville, PA, glycol chillers from Prosperity, SC, pumps from Kenosha, WI and filters from Milan, Italy. From the four corners of the globe to your front door – we sweat the details, so that you don’t have to.

We also list every client brewery in the Customer reference section of our website at http://www.alliedbeveragetanks.com/, including not only their contact information, but also what they have ordered from us, and how often then have reordered from us. As you do your due diligence, you will find that our industry peers are not nearly as transparent as we are.

All ABT tanks:

  • Include all necessary valves, clamps and fittings
  • Have true shadowless manways for complete CIP cleaning coverage
  • A 5.5-inch dry-hopping port on the top dome
  • Brand-name fittings such as Definox PRVs
  • Our cooling jackets are complete wrap-arounds, and cover at least 75% of the wall and cone surface area, which is far more than most other brewery tanks in the market.
  • Our 304 stainless steel inner wall is 3mm, as compared to 2.5mm for most of our competitors
    Our tank legs merge seamlessly into the tank sidewalls – no rivets, welded plaques or silicone caulking.
  • The interior welds are polished to pharmaceutical grade finishes.
  • Have C.E. certification for sale and use in the European Union and reciprocal certification countries.

ABT tanks are comparable to the best of high grade manufacturers, but at more reasonable prices. This is why we have a substantial number of client breweries who reorder and reorder again from us. Remember, you are buying tank to use for a long, long time. If quality workmanship and substantial value for your money matter to you, then ABT is your obvious choice.