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10bbl SSST Tank Material List: HD/ABT-07-047/20

Jacketed,Insulated & cladding FV_/BBT/ SSST;
Major Tank Components

1xBottom Dished Head1SUS304 DN1000x3
2Bottom Cone 55 °Degree angle Of ConeSUS304 ?=3
3Flat Bottom
4Pitched Flat Bottom _____° Degree angle Of Bottom
5xTank Wall1 SUS304 ?=3 ?1000×3
6xTop Dished Head1 SUS304 DN1000x3
7Top Cone Head _____° Angle of Cone
8xSide Wall Manway Style ____ No?___SUS304
9Top Manway Style _____SUS304
10xBuckler4SUS304 280x200x3
11xLeg4SUS304 ?89×3
12xLeg Bracing4SUS304 ?30×2
13xNut Plate4SUS304
14xThread Screw4SUS304
15xAdjustble Pad4SUS304
16xLifting Ears2SUS304
17Bottom Dished Head Jacket
18Bottom Cone JacketSUS304 ?=1.5
19Flat/ Pitched Bottom Jacket
20Jacket Inlet Pipe ConnectorSUS304 3/4″ Female
21Jacket Outlet Pipe ConnectorSUS304 3/4″ Female
22Side Bottom JacketSUS304
20Jacket Inlet Pipe ConnectorSUS304
21Jacket Outlet Pipe ConnectorSUS304
23Side Top JacketSUS304
20Jacket Inlet Pipe ConnectorSUS304
21Jacket Outlet Pipe ConnectorSUS304
24Middle Side Jacket
20Jacket Inlet Pipe Connector
21Jacket Outlet Pipe Connector
25Full Side JacketSUS304 ?=1.5
20Jacket Inlet Pipe ConnectorSUS304 3/4″ Female
21Jacket Outlet Pipe ConnectorSUS304 3/4″ Female
26Temperature Sensor Probe WellSUS304 ?14×2
Minor Tank Components
27Support Rings (Double Thickness on Back Side of Tank)SUS304 ?1650x80x3
28Upper Ring CoverSUS304 ?1010x50x3
29Side Wall CladdingSUS304 ?1100×2
30Bottom Cladding
31Bottom Cone CladdingSUS304 ?=2
32xLifting Ears Buckler1SUS304 100x185x3
33InsulationPU Foam
34Ladder HooksSUS304
Major Tank Fittings
353/4″ TC Ferrule
36x1″ TC Ferrule1SUS304
37x1.5″ TC Ferrule5SUS304 1.5″
38x2″ TC Ferrule1SUS304
393″ TC FerruleSUS304 3″ E=40
405.5″ TC FerruleSUS304 5.5″ E=28
41xDrain Pipe Elbow 1.5″/ 2″ TC×Weld1SUS304 90 DEG 1.5″
42xHorizontal Drain Pipe 1.5″/2″ Weld× TC1SUS304 1.5″
43xDrain pipe Hanger 1.5″/2″1SUS304 1.5″
44xLevel Indicator Ball Valve Assembly (see detail drawing)1SUS304
45CIP Spray Ball Tank Top Assembly 3″ TC Cap ×1.5″ TC Ferrule (see detail drawing)SUS304 3″
46CIP Spray Ball Pipe 1.5″x 1″SUS304 1.5″×1″
47xCIP Elbow 1.5″ TC×Weld1SUS304 90 DEG
48xHorizontal CIP Pipe 1.5″ Weld×Weld1SUS304
49xCIP Elbow 1.5″ Weld×Weld1SUS304 90 DEG
50xCIP Down Tube 1.5″ Weld ×TC1SUS304
51x1.5″ CIP Pipe Hanger1SUS304
52xCIP Reducing Tee 2×1.5″ TC ×2(two) 1/4″ Female NPT (see detail Drawing)1SUS304 1.5″x?25xZG 1/4″
53xLevel Indicator Hose Nipple Assembly (see detail drawing)1SUS304
54PRV Pipe Elbow 1.5″/2″ TC×WeldSUS304 90 DEG 1.5″
55Horizontal PRV Pipe 1.5″/2″ Weld ×WeldSUS304 1.5″
56PRV Pipe Elbow 1.5″/2″ Weld ×WeldSUS304 90 DEG 1.5″
57PRV Down Tube 1.5″/2″ Weld×TCSUS304 1.5″
581.5″/2″ PRV Pipe HangerSUS304 1.5″
59Single PRV Assembly 2×1.5″TC + 1 x 2″TC (see detail drawing)SUS304 1.5″
60Double PRV Assembly 2 x 1.5″ TC + 2×2″TC (see detail drawing )SUS304 2″
61x1.5″ Butterfly Valve×TC Ends2SUS304 1.5″
622″ Butterfly Valve×TC EndsSUS304 2″
63xSample Cock ×1.5″ TC1SUS304 1.5″ E=85
64Temperature Indicator×1.5″ TCSUS304 1.5″ E=85
65xCarbonation Stone Port x 1.5″TC1SUS304 E=35
66xPRV Valve 28Psi1SUS304
671.5″ Dead Cap
682″ Dead Cap
695.5″ Dead CapSUS304
70xCIP Spray Ball Fixed 1″ with Pin × ?64 Ball 270°1SUS304
71xCIP Spray Ball Rotating 1″ Connection1SUS304
72Curved Racking Arm 1″× 1.5″ TC × 1.5″ TCSUS304
73Curved Racking Arm 1.5″ × 2″ TC×1.5″ TC
74sight glass
76horizontal CIP pipe 1″ welded
77CIP upright pipe 1″ welded
78pressure gauge
79CIP Tee
80DN65 ×2″ Curved Racking Arm (see detail drawing)
83ornament coverSUS304
Tank Connection Orientation:
8ASide Manway1SUS304
9Top ManwaySUS304
11C1,C2 C3,C4Legs4SUS304 ?89×3
16D1,D2Lifting Ears2SUS304
20Jacket Inlet Pipe ConnectorSUS304
21Jacket Outlet Pipe ConnectorSUS304
26Temperature Sensor Probe WellSUS304
34Ladder HooksSUS304
405.5″ TC Furrule
42JDrain Pipe1SUS304 1.5″
48KCIP Pipe1SUS304 1.5″
55LPRV Pipe1SUS304 2″
63MSample Cock1SUS304 1.5″
64Temperature IndicatorSUS304 1.5″
65OCarbonation Stone Port1SUS304 1.5″
721″ Racking Arm AssemblySUS304
732″ Racking Arm Assembly
74sight glassDN100
78pressure gauge
79Ladder Hooks AssemblySUS304