ABT - New 3.5-bbl/4-hl Brewing System

One of our customers has experienced a change in financial circumstances after ordering and paying for one of our 3.5-bbl brewing systems, and can no longer take delivery of his equipment. We have taken possession of this equipment and moved it to our warehouse near Chicago, IL.

The included equipment is as follows:

  • One (1) ABT 3.5-bbl stainless steel 3-vessel (BK/MLT/WP-HLT) brewhouse, skid-mounted
  • Three (3) ABT 3.5-bbl FV, standard design, machine polish
  • Two ABT 3.5-bbl BBT, standard design, Pico-style carbonation stone, machine polish
  • Five (5) Digital temperature controller sets (Ranco controller, Honeywell motorized ball valve, Honeywell actuator)
  • One (1) CPE Portable pump on a cart, 1.5HP, VFD
  • Fifty (50) feet 1-inch brewers hose, custom cut, barbed and banded

Attached are the equipment spec sheets and photos of both this specific equipment when it was still at our factory prior to shipment, along with some photos of the same brewhouse design at the Mad Mouse Brewery in Chicago. This equipment is brand new, and is still under warranty.

The price is $103,746 USD, FOB Hammond, IN, and is non-negotiable. This system is being sold as one entire lot only, and will not be broken up.

This system will still need a 3-ton glycol chiller (see attached spec sheet), which runs $11,900, FOB Prosperity, SC. Manufacturing time is 8-10 weeks.

You are welcome to inspect this equipment with advance notice. We also have several existing ABT 3.5-bbl brewing systems in Chicago and Southern Michigan that you can visit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.