Distilling Consulting Services

ABT Consulting Services for Product Formulation and System Design

At ABT we are not only distillery equipment designers and manufacturers, we are also professional distillers. Not only do we build distilleries, we also understand the products that they make, and how to produce them.

Heading our Distillery Services division is the noted distillery industry consultant, lecturer and author Ian Smiley. Over the past two decades Ian has consulted on dozens of distillery projects worldwide. He is available to aid new and established distilleries of any size on a wide variety of needs:

  • Equipment selection and supply
  • Grain and feedstock selection
  • Water chemistry
  • Fermentation science
  • Yeast propagation
  • Sour mash techniques
  • Recipe formulation for grain and malt whiskies, rum, vodka, gin, fruit spirits and liquers
  • Efficient mashing strategies
  • Commercial enzyme use selection
  • Still operation
  • Proper cut timing for different types of spirits
  • Spirit tasting and blending
  • Proofing to IRS standards of accuracy
  • Process development
  • Technology transfer
  • Production material selection and sourcing

Ian literally wrote the book (books actually) on commercial craft distilling:

And at ABT, he is not alone:

To order any of these books from Amazon, just click on the images.

For further information about our consulting services, send us a quote request.

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