Distillery Mash Tuns

Distillery Mash Tun (DMT): This is not your Brewery Mash Tun

ABT Distillery Mash Tuns are specifically designed to produce grain-in mash for distilling (e.g. for bourbon or rye whiskey). They have agitators, steam jackets and built-in cold water chiller coils so the operator can start with cold mash water and grain, bring the mash up to conversion temperature, bring it to a brief boil, and then chill to fermentation temperature, all in the one vessel. No need for pumping hot mash through an expensive, messy counter-flow (shell and tube) heat exchanger. The yeast and souring bacteria can be added right in the DMT and mixed before transferring to a fermenter. They have a 3” bottom outlet pipes to ensure that grain solids never plug the pipe during mash transfer.

2-Vessel Mash House

Our 2-vessel mash house is designed to produce a sparged wash (e.g. for malt whiskey) where the grain solids are removed during the mash process. The 2-vessel system incorporates a DMT as its primary vessel, so the mash starts out at ambient temperature, and is heated to mashing temperature, then transferred to the lauter tun to be sparged. The hot wash is returned to the mash tun to be chilled using the built-in DMT chiller coils. The 2-vessel mash house can also be used to produce grain-in mash by simply employing the DMT vessel by itself.

The grist case is an optional component and is used to contain the pre-weighed and pre-crushed grain and hold it ready for depositing in the mash tun at mash time.

The mash house and the free-standing DMT come with a work platform that ensures safe access for the operators. Both the mash house and free-standing Distillery Mash Tun come with CIP balls and piping, and shadowless access ports to ensure complete CIP coverage.

The standard sizes are: 200L, 250L, 500L, 750L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 2500L, 3000L, 4000L, 5000L, 6000L, 8000L, and 10000L.

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5000L Distillery mash tun and grist case at Vodkalight:

Distillery mash tun and grist case at NOLA Distilling:

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