ABT Bright Beer Tanks

ABT offers bright beer tanks (BBTs) in a full range of sizes.

  • Brewery tanks from 3.5-barrels/4-hectoliters to 150 barrels/172-hectoliters
  • Our standard tank design features custom-built true shadowless manways and separate CIP and blow off tubes.
  • Our 3mm sidewall and 2mm cladding is available in a number of different finishes.
  • Our tank interiors are a 2B finish and sterile polished to 440 grit.
  • Our engineers can custom design tanks and vessels to meet the individual requirements of our customers.
  • A full one-year parts and labor tank warranty, plus a 60-day-after-delivery buy-back guarantee: the only one in the industry.
  • See the BBT details page.

    ABT - Britetank


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